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Originally Emicote was formulated as a topcoat primer to enhance ink adhesion to difficult synthetic substrates used in the self-adhesive label industry. This became the perfect platform for developing our latest products focussing on the emerging Digital Print markets.

After several years of commercial success in the digital market, Emicote has become the ‘Product of Choice’ for HP Indigo users who primer coat their own substrates.

Digital primer users regularly place Emicote as the No.1 product citing sharper digital prints, improved adhesion, extended substrate life, and non-yellowing.

Emicote products are also highly user-friendly, delivering all-important cost benefits including increased ‘Up time’ and improved mileage of consumables, blankets and PIP life.


In 2008 Twenty Four Seven Global Coatings Ltd purchased Emicote digital primer products from the chemical conglomerate ICI plc. At this time the Emicote range had already achieved approval by Hewlett Packard as a substrate primer coating for their successful HP Indigo range of digital printers.

The forward strategy of Twenty Four Seven Global Coatings was to further improve Emicote 2 and Emicote 3 through formula modification and manufacturing techniques and to promote the Emicote brand to the growing global digital market.

With product enhancements complete and global branding growing daily Emicote became the ‘Product of Choice’ primer coating for the high speed HP WS6000 and previous models.

The unique Emicote range is available only from Twenty Four Seven Global Coatings Ltd. and their approved DISTRIBUTORS.

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