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Waterbase Primer Coatings

Emicote 2

A primer coat for a wide variety of substrates, to enhance the adhesion and appearance of digital printing inks. Emicote 2 can be used on most polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl, polyester and other synthetics, as well as most foils and paper stocks.

Emicote 2 is a waterbased primer with low solvent content.

Emicote 3

Designed for exactly the same applications as above but formulated to be a fully waterbased primer with NO SOLVENT.

Emicote 3 is slightly less tolerant on the more difficult synthetics but a firm favourite for those looking for zero VOCs.

Emicote products are classified as Non-Hazardous for safe handling, storage and transport.


Emicote 2 Water Based Primer

Emicote 3 Water Based Primer

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